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Exploration des voix infinies de la musique (360º)

Tree60, membre du label “Dusted Wax Kingdom”, est le projet solo de Stefano D’Incecco, beatmaker, collectionneur de musique et Dj de la ville de Pescara en Italie. Actif sur la scène électronique depuis 2000, il vit maintenant à Lima au Pérou. Il propose des mix électros, au world beat tout en gardant un intérêt pour le beatmaking.

Tree60, member of the independent net-label “Dusted Wax Kingdom”, is the solo project of Stefano D’Incecco, Italian beat-maker nfrom Pescara, music collector and dj normally based in Barcelona (Spain), but lately moved in Lima (Perú). As a dj he explores the infinite shapes of contemporary music (360o+Tree), like a spin around but never forgetting the roots. Following this approach all terrain is explored from electronic to ethnic, with a peculiar interest for underground beat-making. Stefano is also leader of the band called Mui with which he released 3 albums until now. The 4th release of the band “ The Soul Strategy” will be released during 2017.

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