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Journey from genre and era mixing moods, styles and messages!

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Sanjay On The Switches, est un hommage au producteur de Factory Records, Martin Hannett, DJ éclectique et un producteur en plein essor originaire de Sanjay On The Switches - RapTz.comToronto, au Canada. Actif depuis l’âge de 15 ans, il a dirigé la radio associative CJAM FM de Windsor / Detroit entre 1990-1993. Passionné par tous les genres musicaux, son voyage éclectique mêle ambiances, styles et messages. Enfreindre les règles. C’est le point, non?

Sanjay On The Switches, a homage to Factory Records producer Martin Hannett, is an eclectic DJ and burgeoning producer from Toronto, Canada. Playing since the age of 15 he directed Windsor/Detroit community radio CJAM FM during the seminal 1990-1993 era and has played extensively in the Toronto bar, club and underground scene before moving online. A fan of wide genres his eclectic sets journey from genre and era mixing moods, styles and messages. Break the rules. That’s the point, isn’t it?


Twitter: @slim1234

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