Always on the Move

by Ospitone

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This is what I play, this is what I am. Take it or leave it!

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Ospitone est né dans Cagliari, capital de la Sardaigne. En plus de sa région natale, la Corse sont les endroits qu’il aime le plus dans au monde. Ospitone, est un nom emprunté à un protagoniste du passé historique de son île (un leader des tribus libre des montagneuses, au moment de la domination Byzantinne lors de la deuxième moitié du 6ème siècle. Il n’aime pas se décrire il laisse ça aux autres, mais il sait qu’il donne une grande importance aux relations humaines.

Collectionneur de disques vinyles, il est Dj depuis 1992. Son style est éclectique; de la World Music, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Funk, Electro etc.

Ospitone was born in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, which together with Corsica, are the places that he loves most in the world. Ospitone, is not his real name, but is borrowed from a protagonist of the historical past of his island (a leader of the free mountainous tribes of the interior, at the time of the Byzantine domination, second half of the 6th century). He does not like to describe himself, this leaves him to do to others, but he knows himself very well and in general, gives great importance to human relationships and to the given word.

Vinyl records collector, Dj since 1992, he plays an eclectic style, from World Music, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Acid Jazz, Fusion to House, Electronics and more. We can say that there are no limits (if not between the good and the bad Sound). Mainly, music is his medicine, he plays for himself and does not bother to please the next… This is what I play, this is what I am. Take it or leave it!


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