Your Friendly Neighborhood Dr. Faustine

1Peter Gunn Theme by Henry Mancini
2Robot Atomico by The Ghastly Ones
3Moanin’ by The Bunny’s
4Down At The Nightclub by The Creeps
5Cheapest Sound by Hairy Nipples
6Doe De Duif by Fifty Foot Combo
7Run Amok by The Glücks
8Head Like A Haunted House by Queens Of A Stone Age
9Crooked Bird by Gas Huffer
10Spider-Man by Ramones
11Do Bad Things by The Radiacs
12Big Beat Strong by The Woggles
13Trouble by The Music Machine
14Outerspace Odyssey by The Mutants
15Tetris Theme by The Marauders
16Tabou by The Jokers