Topspin #14 – Explosive Musical Ping Pong with Atilla

(AT) Soul Coughing – How many cans ?
(LF) G.LOVE And Spécial Sauce – Cold Beverage
(AT) Bantu Clan vs Sarabi – Africa Ni Leo (Esa & Nonku Phiri Kaap Mix)
(LF) Ananda Shankar – Dancing Drums
(AT) Neotropic – Vacetious Blooms
(LF) Silk Road Assassins – Feeling Blu
(AT) Einstürzende Neubauten – Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus
(LF) Pink Floyd – The Trial
(AT) The Heavy – Set Me Free
(LF) Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free
(AT) Baba Stiltz – L.O.V.E.
(LF) Hot Chip – Hungry Child
(AT) Auntie Flow – Mother Theresa
(LF) J-E-T-S – Hyper Hibernate
(AT) Howie B – Fizzy in My Mouth/Your Mouth
(LF) Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner
(LF) James Holden – Solidarity Theme (Release)