The Turntables Show #6 by DJ Anhonym

Rigz ft times change / ima killa papi
Flee lord ft Benny the Butcher / butcher lords
Estee nack & Ice lord / burnt offerings
Knowledge the pirate / sad to say
Da flyy hooligan / Pinrolls II
Phyba & Giallo point ft Daniel Son & Sonny jim / Coup de grace
Truth / Toxic Tempress
God part III & Twiz the beat pro ft Killer ben / Truth or dare
NDL & Innocent & Giallo point / Original sin
Daniel Son & Vic grimes ft raspy / Martin grove
Da flyy hooligan / Helly Hansen
Planet Asia ft RZA, B Real, reverend william buck / Intermission
Plani hank ft Benny the butcher & M.O.P. / What happened to the streets
Da flyy hooligan / Daniel Kaluya
Dirt platoon , ill conscious, guy grams / Hand to the man
Jack Jetson & illinformed / Gone
Grinz / bring it back
Glad II Mecha & ill treats ft psycho les / so many styles
Rashad Sun / Nuisance (KOS)