Sugar Free Banana Split #39 (G-Funk Special Pt.3)

1. Gangsta Life by Star D
2. Do You Qualify by Domino
3. All About My Fatty by Young Lay
4. Get The Money by Ill Tiffin
5. Funk Flow by Big 50
6. Going To THe County by Silky Slim
7. Countin Money by Big Mack
8. How Much Can You Smoke by Turf Hoogs
9. Loungin by Vontel
10. Bounce To This Big U & The Madhouse Crew
11. Lettin Niggas Know by Threat
12. Keep The Shit On The Real by Champ MC
13. Craddle To The Grave by 2Pac
14. Cali Is Hard by Dresta
15. Ballin Outta Control by Coop Mc
16. Lo-Cat Caddy by G
17. Smoke Out by Dove Shack
18. Hooka Hoe by South Central Cartel
19. Change by Eastwood
20. Can I Strike Through by Mac & Ak
21. Sammerdjans by Zuba & Anke
22. Trust Nobody by Kam
23. I Know You Wanna by Baby S
24. Sweet Potato Pie by Domino
25. West Side Hoodstaz by Dazzie D
26. My Money by Nate Dogg