1. Don’t Trust No Bitch by Jamal
2. Mommy, What’s A Gravedigga by Gravediggaz
3. Strong Jay by O.C.
4. The Game by Jamal
5. People Over Stairs by Digital Underground
6. Face To Face by Daennac
7. Crushin’ (Yeeeaahh!) by Jay Dilla
8. Come Home by Twice
9. Whatch Yo’Step by Boot Camp Clik
10. Forever My Lady by Godfather Don
11. Make A Move by Trigger Da Gambler
12. Knock Me by Daennac
13. What A Year by Chubb Rock
14. Yo Black [Remix] by Kool Keith
15. Real Niggaz by Notorious B.I.G.
16. I’ll Be There For You by Method Man
17. Dynasty by Wild cat
18. Cut That Weak Shit [Remix] by Lace Da Booms
19. Mardi Grass At Midnight by A Tribe Called Quest
20. Think Not by Al Tariq [Dj Premier]
21. E=MC2 by J Dilla
22. Običan Dan by Who Is The Best