Sugar Free Banana Split #053, G Funk Special no. 4

1. Player Club by T.O.G.
2. Nuthing By High (Endolude) by Mc Eight
3. Friend Or Foe by 8Ball & MJG
4. How Deep Is Your Hood by Damu RIdas
5. Po Pimp by Do Or Die
6. In The Middle Of The Night by 8Ball & MJG
7. Gangsta Brown by T.O.G.
8. All For The Money by MC Eight
9. Let My Niggaz Of The Pen by Mad Cj Mac
10. Heavy For Your Head by 2 Of The Crew
11. Dozvolite (Instrumental) by Anke Fanker
12. Dozvolite by Anke Fanker
13. Marinatin’ by Ras Kass
14. Taken For Granted by Big Syke
15. Set Trippin by Dresta, I Smooth 7 & Yo-Yo
16. I Smooth 7 by Coolin In The Ghetto
17. Wiseguys by Wiseguys
18. Lost In The NIght by Quo
19. Od Jamajke Do Fontane (Instrumental) by Gaz, Anke Fanker ft. DJ Munja
20. Od Jamajke Do Fontane by Gaz, Anke Fanker ft. DJ Munja
21. Reality Check by Kam
22. Master Plan by Jewell
23. One Blood One Cuz by Snoop Froggy Frogg
24. Cali by Aela Hopeful Monster & Mofak
25. Getto Jam by Domino
26. Aint No Thang by Beefy Loc
27. Aunt No Bustas This Way by Dazzie Dee
28. The Roach (The Chronic Outro) by Dr Dre
29. My World by Nate Dogg
30. Late Night Hype part 2 by Mc Eiht
31. Black Ladies by SIlent Eclipse
32. For Ya All by No The Piper
33. Keep It Gangsta by 213
34. All Day Chill by 2 Of The Crew
35. Reality by Fat Pat