01/ Toshi Kubota ‘‘Funk It Up” feat. Nile Rodgers
02/ Og Dominator “By Girl” feat. Bella Wether
03/ The Emotions “You’re The Best”
04/ Impromp2 “Give It Up”
05/ Boulevard 95 & Soul Food Horns “The Circle”
06/ Og Dominator “Baby Love” feat. Sara Shine
07/ A Taste Of Honey “Sayonara” (Fingerman remix)
08/ Og Dominator “Throwback Sundays” feat. Kayla Marie
09/ The Winans “It’s Time” (Teddy Riley Remix)
10/ Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee “Sweet 2 Me”
11/ Magoo “Make It Right” (Funk LeBlanc Remix)
12/ Psychic Mirros “Draw Me Your Fevorite Funk”
13/ The Whispers “Keep On Lovin’ Me”
14/ Cornell C.C. Carter “I See You (Metlife remix)
15/ Ashford & Simpson “Love Don’t” (The Reflex Revision)
16/ Og Dominator “If You Want me Back” feat. Kayla Marie
17/ Copperfield “Make It Good To Me Baby”
18/ Phenomenal Handclap Band “Remain Silent” (Ray Mang Instrumental Mix)
19/ Kukatachii “Passerby” (T-Groove Remix)
20/ Herbie Hancock “Rock It” (The Reflex Revision)
21/ Lemelle “You Got Something Special”
22/ Jerk Boy & The Baronness “Satellite” feat. The Baronness (Art Of Tones Disco Mix)
23/ Brian SNR “Hot Shot” (Yam Who? Remix)
24/ Psychic Mirrors “Shock Treatment”
25/ Andre Solonko “Le Premier Disco Sans Toi” (Dub version)
26/ Sidwho? “Time To Go”