Ruido Raro 47 by UnNumeroCualquiera (Guest DJ)

Vangelis Albedo 0.39
Pete Namlook & Jurgen Rehberg Untitled
Alter Ego Undersea girl
Pete Namlook & Tetsue Inoue
Thomas P. Heckmann Room for words
Jeff Mills The ocurrence
Mike Andrews Sound of silence
The Higher Intelligence Agency Alpha 1999 (Pentatonik Delta remix)
Jeff Mills Tales from extra solar wasp 17B
Jeff Mills Sirius
Drexciya Astronomical guidepost
Pino & Wildjamin Electric Ey
Jean Michel Jarre feat. Christophe Walking the Mile
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze Untitled 2
Jeff Mills Closing the Aquarian age
Mike Andrews Oxygene 2001 pt.2
Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe pt.1
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene IV
Vangelis Pulstar (Anthony Atcherley remix)
Paul D. Miller You are about to witness
Vangelis Blade Runner theme (Unknown remix)
Carbon Based Lifeforms Comsat
Vangelis Nucleogenesis pt.2
Aphex Twin 1st 44
Oneohtrix Point Never Undercover firefighter
The Traveller BER
Heiko Laux Writin time pt.2
The Orb Plateau
Jean Michel Jarre feat. Hans Zimmer Electrees
Model 500 The flow
Arcanoid Intro
Hypnosis Blade Runner (End tittle)
Laurent Garnier The cloud making machine pt.1
Rhythim is Rhythim Kao-tic Harmony (Relic of Relics)
Lucy Zeitberger (Lucy & Speedy J remix)
Arpanet Universe oscillation
Arpanet Even horizon (Edit)