Pots & Pans Radio Ep94 | Lime in the Coconut (70s Rock)

f you like Piña Coladas……..

Inspired by a recent camping trip in the wilds of Canada, this is sort of a continuation of “Episode 84 – Piña Coladas”.

2 hours of 70s Rock Radio bangers to get loose to.

Some heavy guitar riffs and vintage rock vibes. This one MUST be played at 11 on your volume knob (if your stereo doesn’t have an “11” setting, throw it out and go buy a new one)

So brush out your mullet, throw on your jean jacket, get a drink for the road (it’s the 70s baby!) and jump in the Camaro and lets take a ride back to when Rock Radio was king.

Expertly mixed and blended by yours truly for a complete 2 hour Rock-Out experience.

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It’s only Rock ‘n Roll, but I like it….

LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!