Pots & Pans Radio | Ep93 Africa (Word 2 The Mother)

Taking this episode back in time and across to the ocean to the west coast of Africa during the 1970s explosion of Afro Beat music. The funk is unreal, the horns are on fire, the rhythms are infectious.

I am by no means any sort of expert on African music, which is why I thought I should explore it, and MAN, there is some gold in there. Hope you enjoy it as well. As always, you know I had to do this up in true hip-hop DJ style, back to back on those funky breaks.

So sit back and strap on your seatbelt, next stop: AFRICA. Word 2 the mother.

Peace to everyone who has been listening to Pots & Pans Radio, following, sharing and supporting.

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Let’s GO!