Mix #72


– The Council “Council Arts”
– Dialekt “Roll Throught”
– Prodigal Sunn “Big Manufacturers” (feat. Ghostface Killah)
– The Lox “Break It Down”
– Sadat X “The Great Diamond D”
– ChanHays “Never Knew” (feat. Supastition, Ambition & One Be Lo)
– ChanHays “Sipset Science” (feat. Aquakulture, Nilla, Ghettosocks, Kxng Wooz, Timbuktu, Ambition & Tachichi)
– Tragedy Khadafi “Bottom Line Dollar Sign” (feat. Jane Doe, Royal Flush, F.T.& X1)
– LS Camp “Don’t Sell Yourself”
– Reuben Vincent “6 A.M.” (Prod. Khrysis)
– Bermuda Triangle (Da Buze Bruvaz & Alca Da Headscalpa) “Sonia”
– Twistello “Tony and Cam”
– Heavy Metal Kings “Petrus Steel”
– Planet Asia “Sherm Theme” (feat. Rasco & Tristate)
– Reuben Vincent “Chains on Me” (Prod. Khrysis)
– Twistello “Let Um Know”
– The Winners “Rosati – One In A Million” (Prod. DJ Premier)
– Pearl Gates “Live Long (feat. Geechi Suede)
– Es Nine “Want It All” (feat. A.V.I.U.S.)
– Canna Man “The Kraken”
– The winners (feat. Planet Asia & Sean Rosati) “Glyders” (Prod. One Session)
– Buhay Cali “What We Do”
– Dialekt “Daily Routine”
– Eno Noziroh “Gritty”
– Glad2Mecha “Truth I Speak”
– AZ “Never Change” (RUSHMORE Remix)
– Buhay Cali “No Problems pt II
– Eno Noziroh “Delightful”