Le Ronsha Mix #89

01- Blak Madeen (Al-J & Yusuf Abdul-Mateen) “Men of Peace” (feat. Edo.G)
02- Blak Madeen (Al-J & Yusuf Abdul-Mateen) “Out of Place” (feat. Grand Daddy I.U.)
03- All Coasters “Hannibal Letter” (feat. Regimental Oneton)
04- Apathy “Storm Rappers” (feat. M.O.P & Celph Titled)
05- Tru Trilla “Once Upon a Time” (feat. Flykwa)
06- Elzhi & Khrysis (Jericho Jackson) “Self Made”
07- Tru Trilla “Rapperz Is Azz”
08- All Coasters “90 Cassette & Backpacks”
09- DNGR Eyelnd “Roc On” (feat. Ice Cold Chet)
10- Flashius Clayton “Pushing Dope” (feat. NC)
11- Ill Conscious “Capital Investments”
12- Milano Constantine “Barbaric”
13- DNGR Eyelnd “Welcome To”
14- DNGR Eyelnd “Crashland” (feat. Funky Unk)
15- Deadly Sin “Razor Sharp”
16- Deadly Sin “Life” (Bonus Track)
17- John Ryder “Eye 2 Eye”
18- All Coasters “I Saw Art History”
19- Apathy “Never Fall Off” (feat. AG (DITC) & DJ Mekalek)
20- Elzhi & Khrysis (Jericho Jackson) “Seventeen”
21- Elzhi & Khrysis (Jericho Jackson) “Talkin’ Bout”
23- Vinny Wit Da Swagga “Rare Stones” (feat. Diana Nash)
24- Black Milk “Foe Friend”
25- Deadly Sin “Inception”
26- Aaron Evans “Night Wookie Aka Change”
27- Royal Flush “Friends” (feat.Tragedy & Foul Monday)
28- The Arsonists “Tough Guy” (feat. Vinnie Paz)
29- Blak Madeen (Al-J & Yusuf Abdul-Mateen) “The Sum Up”
30- Milano Constantine “The Road”
31- O.C. “A New Daw”
32- Elzhi & Khrysis (Jericho Jackson) “Overthinking”