Le Ronsha Mix #83

– Infinito “Qualified Professional”
– Lord of Kingz “Vainglorious” (Team Thoro/The Absouljah/Halfabrick/Bigg Spicco)
– VerbzBeats “We Are Here” (feat. Big Pooh/Mr Juse & Mando the DJ)
– Foundation “DJ Hurley Presente the Lineup”
– Gillateen “Burn Chill”
– Team Thoro “What You Saying” (The Absouljah/Bigg Spicco/ Halfabrick)
– VerbzBeats “The Fever” (feat. Kanetic Source & Chali 2na)
– Infinito “Shadow Hours”
– Soul King “Get the Rope”
– Gillateen “Current State” (feat. tha Soloists)
– Solo For Dolo “Anonymous Trump”
– Migrate to Electronics Movement, Migrat “One Two Three Four” – Ali Vegas “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”
– Pull The Fuckin Trigger “Pull The Fuckin Trigger” (feat. Taino Knight & Gyro)
– Coast LoCastro “Another Day”
– Knowledge THYself “Word Play”
– DJ True Justice “Feelin’ Great”
– SOLO FOR DOLO “Don’t Rap!”
– Foundation “Another Day”
– Gillateen Code of the Warrior (feat. Realz)
– DJ Dlux & Lyve Kaos “Bi-Polar Bear”
– Evidence “10,000 Hours” (Prod. DJ Premier)
– M. Stacks “Lone Star Tale” (feat. Lil’ Ken)
– Team Thoro “Die After” (The Absouljah/Bigg Spicco/Halfabrick) – VerbzBeats “Mind over Matter” (feat. Martin Salazar)
– Soul King “The Dispansary”
– Ali Vegas “Jump”
– Sullynomad “Juice Legends”
– MC Genesis “Cruisin'”
– Ohtwo “Deadman”
– Gillateen “Giants (feat. Pryme Prolifik)
– M. Stacks “Word of Mouth (feat. Jabee, Arxv, Noble Nobus & Bud Styles)
– Soul King “Word”