Le Ronsha Mix #82

– Ice Tocks “Represent Queens” (feat. Too Deep)
– Anthonius Monk”1996″
– EFFISCIENZ “Demonstrate” (feat. Edo. G & Raf Almighty)
– Paradox Black “LIVE & DIRECT” (feat. One Be Lo & Damien MCCray)
– EFFISCIENZ “Parisian Nights” (feat. M-Dot & DJ DJAZ)
– EFFISCIENCZ “The Drill” (feat. Fel Sweetenberg/Prod. Fel Sweetenberg)
– DJ True Justice “Head Noddin'”
– Shabaam Sahdeeq “Grown Man Rap” (GMR)
– EFFISCIENZ “High Noon” (feat. Fel Sweetenberg & DJ DJAZ/Prod. DJ Brans)
– IceRocks “Bring It On” (feat. SicWitDaPen Cuts By DJ M-T-Tri)
– Shabaam Sahdeeq “Black Book Session”
– Verbz & Mr Slipz “Kemptown Blues”
– June Marx “Colossus”
– Chaundon “Pay Me”
– Traverse “In the Stars” (feat. Scratch)
– Verbz & Mr Slipz “Reflection”
– Mercy Gang “Break Something”
– The Architect x Cochise x Bird Land “TENDER TRIO”(feat. Killa Kali)
– Tha Soloist , Dr G “I Never Forgot”
– Magno Garcia “Game Of Death” (Bonus Track)
– Ez Pennybagz “Burberry Turbans” (feat. TUAMIE)
– Shabaam Sahdeeq “Cold Corners”
– Mr. Chandler “Today”
– Tha Soloist x Dr G “Only Thang I Know”
– Casey Jaffa and Poe Mack “Like What” (Prod. Marro)
– Anthonius Monk “Dead Presidents”
– Paradox Black “CROSSING OVER”
– IceRocks “Forever Dignified” (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
– Spade “Up In the Air” (Prod. Donato)
– Carasel “Progression”
– Showbiz “Dead Man Walking” (feat. O.C.)
– Solomon Childs “We Were Wrong” (feat. Jus-P)
– Magno Garcia “Wicked Fall” (Bonus Track)
– THA GOD FAHIM “Metal Gear Bullet” (Prod. Dashaan Fortes)
– Tha Soloist & Per C Wells “Pride Can Hurt”
– Paradox Black “FENG SHUI”
– A1 “Military Fatigues” (feat. Rick Chyme)