Le Ronsha Mix #78

– Configa “From the Soul” (feat. Graig.G)
– Sensei ‘n Chillow “Let ‘Em Know” (feat. El Gant & Dj Grazzhoppa)
– Mz Boom Bap & Ryler Smith “Meditation”
– L.I.F.E.Long “NYC”
– Lenny Grant “Statute of Limitations” (feat. 50 Cent)
– Drev “Lost in a Chase” (feat. Umang)
– Sensei ‘n Chillow “Mic Professionals” (feat. Dj Grazzhoppa)
– Rated R CNY “Con Donson”
– Venom “Face Off” (feat. The Legion)
– A1 “Transition”
– Codenine “Roberts Lounge”
– L.I.F.E.Long “Bat in Flight” (feat. Emma Lee)
– Phat Kat “It’s a Rap (feat. Big Tone)
– Killa Kali “Daily Bread”
– A1 “The Grind” (feat. Jrob)
– Drev “Juste Me”
– Heavy Metal Kings “Bad Hombres” (feat. Goretex)
– Lone Catalysts “The B-Boy” (feat. Tony Touch)
– MC Wicks Best Times”
– Codenine “Blank Face Bills”
– Phat Kat “All Ya’ll”
– Ras Kass “Rick James” (feat. Numskull)
– A1 “Perception”
– Configa “I Am the Truth” (feat. Reks)
– L.IF.E.Long “Outta Tha Frame”
– PROJECT TRYBE “Story 2 Tell” (feat. Capitole D Travis Omen, BenOfficial & DJ Coach One)
– Tha God Fahim “Nardwuar” (feat. Mach-Hommy, Prod by Frank Grimes)
– Cliff Calvin x Elz Sinatra “Get Wreck” (feat. Ixion Form & DJ Tmb Prod. Dseize)
– Cliff Calvin x Elz Sinatra “Ol’ New Shit” (feat. DJ Tmb , Prod. by Playwright Performer)
– N.E.M.G. “Do It Again”
– L.I.F.E.Long “Brownstone in Buntyville” (feat. Elohemstar)
– Tha God Fahim “Suicide Watch” (Prod by Eyedee)
– Drev “Police State” (feat. Streetz)
– Doc TMK “Sound of the SP” (feat.Emskee & DJ Suspect) (Bonus Track)
– Black Forest “Superfest”