Le Ronsha Mix #75

– Oskar Mike “Postface”
– Bring The Terror – Main Verson
– Silk Jack “Pull Out My Heat First” (Prod. Kvnb)
– KLK Beats Look Like” (feat. Skyzoo & Reks)
– GQ “Can’t Run”
– Lone Catalysts “The DJ”
– Silk Jack “Colorless” (Prod. Téhu)
– Grand Surgeon & Ruste Juxx “L I T”
– Lone Catalysts “The Sidelines” (feat. Mr Complex)
– Spit Gemz “Dead Lift”
– Killa Kali & The Architect “Chain Gangland”
– Elementalz “No Easy Way” (feat. Dom Pachino & SM)
– Verbal Kent & Superior “Classic Shit”
– Devaloop “from The Bits To The Cosmos” (feat. Hexone & DJ Foxx)
– Elementalz “Trilogy” (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Modesty,Easily Crippled & Nutso)
– Spit Gemz “Razor Bracelets” (feat. Trez The Allstar)
– B.B.Z. Darney,D-Rev, uMaNg “Flashing By”
– B.B.Z. Darney,D-Rev, uMaNg “Through The Fog”
– Kaimbr “Defiant” (feat. Awthentik)
– Passport Gift & Parks “See What We See” (feat. Emilio Rojas)
– Stoneface “Chiseled Stone”
– KOSS & A.G. “Supernatural” (RUSHMORE Remix)
– Elementalz “My Life” (feat. Lord Lhus)
– Reuben Vincent “In for the Kill” (Prod. Kash)
– B.B.Z. Darney,D-Rev, uMaNg “In The Air”
– Moon Crickets “The One” (feat. Sheek Louch & Trife Diesel)
– Moon Crickets “Law Have Mercy (feat. Teddy Brushot) (Interlude)
– Maestro Fresh Wes “Put Ya Guard Up” (feat. Rich Kidd)
– Spit Gemz “Dreadnoks” (feat. EFF Too, Aye Wun, G.S. Advance)
– Lee Nlack “Dues” (Prod. Jakk Wonders)
– Spit Gemz “Master Of The Universe” (Henchman) (feat. Apathy, Esoteric, Mitchel Aimss, Rim Da Villain, Nems, Recognize Ali & Thirstin Howl The 3rd)