Guido’s Lounge Cafe Broadcast 0335 Funky Summer Breeze

Started with a fantastic “Slo-Fi mix” of “Barfly” by my friend “Alex Cortiz”.  This track gave me the inspiration to go a little Jazzy/Funky, tried to get more down tempo in the last segment of the set, but all the way.. I had a awesome time with it, I hope you will be too!

00:00Intro – Intro
00:59 Alex Cortiz – Barfly (Slo-Fi mix)
05:45 Ruck P – Summer Breeze
09:32 Cooly’s Hot Box – It’s Alright
13:37 DePhazz & The Radio Bigband Frankfurt – Preachin’ To The Choir
17:58 Claudio Fiore – Blue Lagoon
22:33 De-Phazz – Waste Of Words
26:41 Jonathan Fritzen – In Motion
30:27 Eva Be Featuring Joe Dukie – No Memory Of Time
35:11 Glam Sam and his Combo – Frankly My Dear
40:27 Colman Brothers – Mr. Dg (Herbaliser Remix)
44:12 Chubbanak Club – Oh, Baby (Erotic Lounge Remix)
46:44 Pegasus & Manticor – It’s About
51:54 Mo’horizons – Shake it loose
56:25 Tatianna Mia – Our love (I need your love)

Kind regards