Style: 90s Rap, Funky Jazz, Vinyl Records

Crate Highlight: King Curtis & The Kingpins “Memphis Soul Stew,” as sampled by Kid Frost, Outlaw Posse, Two Kings In A Cipher, and more.

Included Artists: Boogie Boys, Cypress Hill, Feature Cast, The Gaturs, Johnny Hammond, Kenny Dope, John Klemmer, Madkap, Main Source, Shaggy, Too Def Connection, and C.E.B.

Funky Corners – Intro 0:00
Boogie Boys – City Life (Bonus Beats) 0:29
Main Source – Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix For Our Friends In A Tribe Called Quest) 4:54
Madkap – Ph*ck What Ya Heard 8:29
Cypress Hill – Throw Your Set In The Air (Slow Roll Remix) 13:03
C.E.B. – Get The Point (Radio Remix) 15:42
Kenny Dope – Gunshot (Beemin’ Remix) [feat. Shaggy] 20:00
John Klemmer – Free Soul 22:38
Johnny Hammond – Summertime/The Ghetto 25:13
King Curtis & The Kingpins – Memphis Soul Stew 31:40
Kid Frost – Hold Your Own 34:30
Outlaw Posse – Session In Poetry 37:43
3rd Bass – Eye Jammie 40:51
Two Kings In A Cipher – Kemit-Cal Reaction 41:49
2 The Top – The Rhythm I Give ‘Em 46:05
Too Def Connection – You Can’t Stand It 50:57
The Gaturs – Gatur Bait 53:57
Feature Cast – Recipe For The Perfect Afro 56:39