Funk Drummers Vol.VI By Manhattan Funk 82

I wanna do it (Remix)
2 Battle Of Funk
3 Yuil Disco Breaks (Atfunk remix)
Timewarp Inc
4 On & On
DJ Kid Stretch
5 Happy Now
Mr. No Hands
6 Hop To This
Rick Ski & The Funkmasters
7 Gie it uo or a turnip a loose (live at the Apollo Theater)
James Brown
8 Twin Stix
9 I Feel Good (remix de James Brown)
The Reflex
10 Ghetto Drunk (instrumental)
Timewarp Inc
11 K-Jee
Preston State College Big Band
12 Talk To Da People (Headson Groove remix)
Basement Freaks
13 I got a bag of my own
James Brown
14 2 Soul
15 Prophet Break
DJ Kid Stretch
16 I wanna do it (Remix) – End version