DJ RONSHA – Ronsha Mix #148 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

1- DJ Anhonym (Turntables Brother) “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- ANoyd & Statik Selektah “Kilos” (feat. UFO Fev & Termanology)
3- Spoda “Pissy Staircase” (feat. Rim)
4- Diabolic “Lost in Translation”
5- Roc Marciano “Her Vice” (feat. Knowledge The Pirate)
6- Iron Bridge “Witch Doctors”
7- Freddie Black x Tone Spliff “Best I Got” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
8- Chong Wizard “The Return Of Soopaman Luva” (feat. Vic Spencer & El Ay)
9- Da U.A. “Mad World”
10- Eric The Red & El Grobbo “Extra Ordinary” (feat. Sean Peng)
11- Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Fake Names”
12- Libretto & BusCrates “Sentences” (feat. Vic Spencer)
13- Diabolic “Collide”
14- B.A Badd x Khory Enigma “Half A Mil”
15- Benny The Butcher “Crowns for Kings” (feat. Black Thought)
16- Shula Sparks & Crazy Beats P “In Love”
17- A-F-R-O aka All Flows Reach Out & MoicanoBeats “Stromp Em Out”
18- 38 Spesh “Dark Nights”
19- Robust x Alo “Petty Cash”
20- Wasp-18b “Wet Cement”
21- Spoda “Tip Off”
22- Salaam Remi & Bodega Bamz “That Guy”
23- Salaam Remi & Bodega Bamz “Street Sharks” (feat. Conway The Machine)
24- ANoyd & Statik Selektah “Yuck!”
25- Thomas Coppola “Keep It a Buck” (feat. Fly Anakin)
26- Styliztik Jones & DirtyDiggs “Body Doubles” (feat. Planet Asia, TriState & Montage-One)
27- Roc Marciano “Stop Me”
28- Mach-Hommy “Eedeot Bwoy” (feat. Tha God Fahim & Your Old Droog)
29- Benny The Butcher “Sunday School” (feat. 38 Spesh & Jadakiss)
30- Purge “Fall Back” (feat. DJ Hike)
31- Thorough “Oliver Goldsmith” (feat. Don Rodriguez)
32- Che Uno x Vago “Kurtis Blow”
33- Tha God Fahim x Nicholas Craven “Leave Me To My Studies Cuz My History Was Tainted”