DJ RONSHA – Ronsha Mix #128 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

#HipHopShow supported by ButterKnife Haircuts / John Jigg$ / Solomon Childs / Bobcatt (4G Squad) / Wildelux / J-Live / Obi Khan / Chief Reckah / Realio Sparkwell / DJ RP Beats / J Berd / Daddie Notch aka Top Notch (Bankai Fam) / 38 Spesh / Vic Monroe, and more…
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#Playlist Ronsha Mix #128:
1- DJ Ronsha “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- David Bars & Showbiz “On Another Level”
3- Marc Swing & Wildelux “Monster”
4- Ras Kass “Featuring Myself”
5- Horror City “6th Boro”
6- Marc Swing & Wildelux “Men’s Issues”
7- Obi Khan “Planet Madman” (feat. Thanos)
8- Cappadonna “Licorice” (feat. Mike Noble & Killa Black)
9- Chief Reckah “Scarabian Nightz”
10- Bigg Vic “Money, Sex, And Fame”
11- Supreme The Rude Boy “No Tolerance”
12- Masta Buildas “Bloody Blessings With Deadly Weapons”
13- JK1 The Supernova “It’s Alive” (feat. A.G. of D.I.T.C.)
14- Obi Khan “Flying High” (feat. Prince Po & Jabba Tha Kut)
15- J-Live “Sidewalks” [Militant Marxman Remix]
16- Daddie Notch aka Top Notch (Bankai Fam) “I Wreck It”
17- ButterKnife Haircuts “Grecian Numerals (feat. John Jigg$)
18- 4G Squad (Da B.O.Z.Man & Bobcatt) “What You Gonna Do” [Bobcatt Remix]
19- DJ RP Beats “NY Killas” (feat. Speedy T Monster)
20- Die-Rek “I’m So Potential”
21- J Berd “Growl”
22- V Don x Willie The Kid x Eto “Wolverine”
23- JK1 The Supernova “Tuned In”
24- ButterKnife Haircuts “Freedom (Pathfinder)” (Ruste Juxx & Solomon Childs)
25- Elo Kush x Ray West “Flashing Cherries” (feat. Glorious & ID 4Windz)
26- 38 Spesh “Flour City” (feat. Eto)
27- 38 Spesh “Sharp Steel” (feat. Elcamino & Che Noir)
28- Vic Monroe “World Takeover”
29- JK1 The Supernova “Teriyaki Turkey”
30- Realio Sparkwell “Walking in the Rain”
31- G.O.D. PT.3 & Twiz The Beat Pro “Connected To The Vine”