DJ RONSHA – Ronsha Mix #102 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

#HipHopShow supported by: TriState (Durag Dynasty) / Astro Vandalist / Nabo Rawk / Jay Nice / DJ Tray (N.B.S.) / Joey Fattz Aka Bazooka Joe / Estee Nack (Tragic Allies) / Windchill / Nico The Beast (30 and Over League) / Volatile / Jizzm High Definition / Gillateen aka Gillatron / El Gant / Wildelux / Ty Farris / Dro Pesci / Nine / Left Lane Didon / Daddie Notch (Bankai Fam) / Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon) / Dj Grazzhoppa and more.

1- Nabo Rawk “Murder at the Big Top” (feat. The Kurse)
2- Al.Divino & Estee Nack “CATACUMBA”
3- Astro Vandalist “Up In Ya Era” (feat. Beneficence)
4- Astro Vandalist “Nomical” (feat. Sadat X & Nine) [Cuts By LD]
5- N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) “Violent Wisdom” (feat. Tragedy Khadafy)
6- Moon Crickets “The One” (feat. Sheek Louch & Trife Diesel)
7- Bumpy Knuckles & Nottz “Check It Out Y’all” (feat. Biz Markie)
8- Clypto Presents: TriState, Supreme Cerebral & Ty Farris “3 Kings”
9- Astro Vandalist “Keep It Street” (feat. Dro Pesci) [Cuts By LD]
10- Astro Vandalist “Bellyache” (feat. Dirt Platoon)
11- Nabo Rawk “Preacher”
12- Daddie Notch “Notch In Paris”
13- Astro Vandalist “Astroduction” (feat D.V. Alias Khryst)
14- Volatile “No More” (feat. Mickey Factz)
15- Estee Nack x Sadhugold “PERFECT STONE PILLARS” (feat. Codenine)
16- 30 and Over League “The Murderous” (feat. DJ Cru Cut)
17- James B “Your Girl”
18- Astro Vandalist “Dirt Naps” (feat. Born Unique) [Cuts By Astro Vandalist]
19- Jizzm High Definition & Soul King “Full Court Press”
20- Windchill “The Northeast” (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Ren Thomas)
21- Dre Specz (Wu-Familly) “Channel 24”
22- Astro Vandalist “Live & Learn” (feat. Rasco) [Cuts By DJ Kermit]
23- Gillateen aka Gillatron “Full Armor” [Cuts DJ Goadman)
24- Wildeluxe “The Dugout / Stop Playin'”
25- Joey Fattz Aka Bazooka Joe “Authentic” (feat. Chris Rivers & Nutso)
26- Astro Vandalist “Vandetta” (feat. El Gant & Shabaam Shadeeq) [Cuts By LD]
27- Left Lane Didon & Jay Nice “The Vatican” (feat. Chris Skillz)
28- Volatile “Frenemies” (feat. Golden, International Ease & Raz Fresco)
29- Sensei ‘n Chillow (El Da Sensei & Chillowproductions) “Let ’em Know” (feat. El Gant & Dj Grazzhoppa)
30- Nabo Rawk “Flav ‘Bout to Drop”
31- Wildeluxe & Roccwell “Make It Hot” (feat. Dj Case)
32- Pacewon “Outro” (Pacewon Affect)
33- Tha God Fahim & Jay Nice “Current Mood” (feat. Left Lane Didon)