DJ RONSHA – Ronsha Mix #100 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

1- The Doppelgangaz “B.C.M.T.F.O.”
2- The Doppelgangaz “Surveillance”
3- The Last Emperor & Haak Filmore “Listen for the Drums”
4- Supreme Sniper “You Already Know” (feat. DJ Modesty)
5- DJ Concept “Southpaw Cypher” (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso, Nutso & F.T.)
6- Snowgoons “One Thing I Know” (feat. Planetary)
7- Jus-P x Skramble “The Black Menace”
8- GQ Nothin Pretty “The Mural Of The Worlds Madness”
9- Waterr & The Architect “Jack Tatum”
10- Goliathizm “MC’s Still Don’t Know (Remix L’undercover)” (feat. Supreme Sniper, Grand Surgeon, Mykill Miers & Ruste Juxx) [Cuts by Dee Juli’One]
11- DJ Supa Dave “That Real Shit” (feat. King Size, John Jigg$ & Acrobatik)
12- Awon “Material”
13- Crazie K!D AnonYmouS “Live Show Blues”
14- DJ Concept “Next Thrill” (feat. Peter Leo, The Kid Daytona, Little Vic & AC On Demand)
15- Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine “7Potncias”
16- The Waxidermist “The Connection” (feat. Venomous 2000, Mattic & RacecaR)
17- Supreme Sniper “It Wont Stop” (feat. Shatike)
18- Rise Rasheed “Memory Lane” (feat. Rapper Big Pooh)
19- Esso “My City” (feat. Skyzoo & Sha Stimuli)
20- Awon “Real Emcee” (feat. Tiff the Gift)
21- Flex Mathews & Damu The Fudgemunk “We Lunchen”
22- Ullnevano x MANHE “Fight Club Pool Table”
23- KaBé Prod Presents All Ciddy x King Author x Barbaric “Salute”
24- Cesar Comanche “The Fade” (feat. Edgar Allen Floe)
25- Mic Logik “Burden Of Truth”
26- Jackie Hill Perry “Thy Neighbor”
27- Jus-P x Skramble “I Stand Alone”
28- Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine “MellizoyMafia” (feat. Al.Divino)
29- KaBé Prod Presents CastOffz “Slow Flow”
30- Rome Streetz “The Policy”