DJ RONSHA & G-ZON – Ronsha Mix #187 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

1- DJ Crabees x Le Melodist “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Eclyse “Otherworldly”
3- Kool Taj The Gr8 “Polo Spellout” [Confidence Remix]
4- Pawz One & John Henry “Head In The Clouds” (feat. OPIO)
5- Gee Bag x Illinformed “Foreigners”
6- Buhay Cali x Hitfarmers “Life Ya Life”
7- G Fam Black x Grand Luke “Pillage” (feat. I.N.F.)
8- Defi Reason & GoodFella Nella “Tighten It Up”
9- The Bad Seed x Reckonize Real “James Evans, Sr.”
10- Barbaric “Black Jesus 2020” (feat. Alvarez Masterminded & Zagnif Nori)
11- Mr. Hooper “Jaw Jackin'” (feat. Musik G)
12- Danegurous “Diamonds” (feat. Trill)
13- Greentank “Crazy Game” (feat. Nigel Hall)
14- Supreme Sniper “Fast Fair One” (feat. St. Ivan The Terrible, D Strong & DJ M-1)
15- DJ Alkemy “Warlords” (feat. Tha Soloist, Broadway Joe Baggs, Shako Speel, Dephchyld, Edison Av, Empuls, Bobby Craves & Shark) [Cuts by DJ Jabbathakut]
16- Moar “Dirty Bomb” (feat. Dirt Platoon)
17- Skrewtape “Amsterdam”
18- Silent Titan “Awake” (feat. John Givez, Fly Anakin & Saint Marcel)
19- Black Earth (Kaimbr & Howard B Knoxz) “Macadamia”
20- Rah Scrilla & Profound79 “Another Song”
21- Gee Dubs “N95”
22- Julius Sleazer x I.N.F. “Eskimo Bros” (feat. I.B. Profit)
23- Frank Grimes & Therealskitso “Married To The Mobb”
24- DJ Alkemy, Empuls & Shark “When The Time Comes”
25- Flee Lord & Buckwild “On My Deen”
26- Boxcutta Maxx “John Stockton”
27- Dan.Akill x LuGhz “Rise”
28- Styles P “Animals” (feat. Sheek Louch)
29- The Quarter Inch Kings x Che Uno “Snow Angels” (feat. Estee Nack)
30- Dray Yard x Certain.Ones “Water” (feat. Stress & Jimmi Da Grunt)
31- Eff Yoo “Day 17” (feat. Spit Gemz)
32- Flee Lord & Buckwild “Ten From This Clip”
33- Clint Hoffa & Lycouz “We’re Coming For Em” (feat. Sicknature)
34- Precise x DJ Tekwun “The Cure”
35- RiotPhace (Mister Riot x Ciphurphace) “Two Man Posse” (feat. DJ Blesd 1)
36- king Coldpack x Cin Vig “Mid Day Killing”