DJ RONSHA & G-ZON – Ronsha Mix #179 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

1- DJ Mada “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Cuban Pete x OneMike “Reporting Live” (feat. Comet Madmen & I.N.F )
3- Fubar & Brutal Caesar “Maximum Darkness” (feat. Donny G)
4- Da U.A. “They Won’t That”
5- Voodoo Black “Sitting At The Table”
6- Wisecracker x Kyo Itachi “Brass Tactics” (feat. Nems & Conway)
7- Tab-One (Kooley Hight) “Night Shift”
8- Blaq Poet “Once Upon A Time”
9- Justo The MC & BVU “The Dons” (feat. R.I.C.O. FlyForeva)
10- AnonAmis Mr. Nobody “Another Empty Glass Of Moet”
11- Taiyamo Denku “Stay Awake” (feat. Big Shug)
12- Billion Man Rebellion (Dontique & CF) “BMR 1”
13- 4-Ize “Hard To Quit The Rhyme 2.0” (feat. J-Live, Anthony David & Señor Kaos)
14- Spittzwell “The One” (feat. Jarren Benton & Demrick)
15- Antlive “The Cheat Code” (feat. Loe Louis & Pnukkl)
16- Evolve “Murderous Return”
17- Pawz One & DJ Dister “God Gene” (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)
18- Monday Night & Henry L.O. “Riot (Bonus Track)”
19- Lyric Jones x Giallo Point “Fettuccine”
20- Grand Scheme x Stretch The Mad Scientist “Until The Sun Burn Out”
21- DirtyDiggs “Uncharted Deep” (feat. Eto, Milano Constantine & Agallah)
22- King Magnetic x Custom Made “95 Roy Jones Jr”
23- Obnoxious & Castle Money Beats “When It Goes Down”
24- The Shelter (9th Uno & Shy The BeatYoda) “Vultures”
25- Ill-Gotten (H4z4rdous & Mr. Ashé) “Dim Mak (Death Touch)”
26- Apokalips The Archangel x BreakWorks “Throw It Up”
27- 1000Words & 38 Spesh “Silence” (feat. Jai Black, Brad Piff & Madhattan)
28- Stove God Cook$ & Roc Marciano “Rolls Royce Break Lights”
29- Ras Kass “Quarantine And Chill”
30- Enels “Beware” (feat. Ren Thomas)
31- Daniel Son & Finn “Burnt Thumbs”
32- Conway & The Alchemist “4 Kl’s”
33- Blaq Poet “Never Give Up”
34- Buddy Leezle x Rice Master Yen “Black Cape”