DJ RONSHA & G-ZON – Ronsha Mix #171 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

1- DJ Teo “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Dexter Montaie “Spiritual War”
3- Gee Dubs & Prezy “Broken Safe”
4- Ugly Mac Beer “NY Parigo” (feat. F.Stokes)
5- Tiye Phoenix “Take It Sirius”
6- Gee Dubs & Prezy “Lost Ends”
7- Level 13 & DJ TMB “Island Of The Apes” (feat. Coast LoCastro, Eff Yoo & Nems)
8- Blabbermouf “All The Time” (feat. SQB)
9- Vast Aire x Pruven “Anti – Hero”
10- Skanks The Rap Martyr “Spanish Mower” (feat. Shatike, Pheno, Tre Eiht & Chez Rocka)
11- DJ Earl B & Starr Nyce “Get Up!”
12- Mobb The God x Sputnick Primevil x Scribe The Struggela “Violent Monk”
13- Da Buze Bruvaz & Giallo Point “Special Agent”
14- Lineage (DJ Flash & Finian St. Omer II) “New York Gritty” [Cuts by DJ Flash]
15- Skanks The Rap Martyr “Don’t Get Moved On” (feat. G-Stats & Buck Oner)
16- Percy Filth “Precious Metals” (feat. Geechi Suede, Maylay Sparks, Guilty Simpson & DJ Rogue)
17- Dumi Right “We Don’t Need” (feat. Chubb Rock & Nathaniel Star)
18- Tiye Phoenix “Nobody’s Safe” (feat. The Artifacts)
19- H.N.S (Halabi x Neaality x S.P.O.T.) “Ill Precision”
20- Jordi LaForty “Harris Babies” (feat. Wasun)
21- DJ Creative x Oktane “Hotep”
22- Tru Trilla x Joey Loax “Warzone” (feat. Fly Kwa & RIQ)
23- Skanks The Rap Martyr “The DJ” (feat. Bobby Stone) [Cuts by DJ Fastcut]
24- Tha Soloist x Cesena “2021”
25- Spectacular Diagnostics “Foul Wild Shit” (feat. Rome Streetz)
26- XP The Marxman x SlideBeats “Fortune Teller”
27- Wolfgang Mercury “1st Blood” (feat. Barzan The Havnaught, L.E.O., Last Measure & Multiple Man)
28- Zagnif Nori x The Quarter Inch Kings “Alexandrite”
29- P General (Bankai Fam) “Impatiently Waiting”
30- The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) “The Pros”
31- Spectacular Diagnostics “Free Throws” (feat. Vic Spencer)
32- Ty Farris x Stu Bangas “Who I Am”
33- Obnoxious x Alpha Betic x Shadow Magnetic “Dopeman”
34- Tony Tone & Nephew Hesh “Air Dry” (feat. Pro Zay)
35- Mr. Ripley (Rulerz Inc.) x Mobb The God “Next Shit”