1 I Just Go (Falcons remix) by Djemba Djemba
2 Agent White (Kidkanevil Agent Black remix) by Illum Sphere
3 Torn Asunder by AbJo
4 Perky by Deft
5 Be Quiet by Falcons
6 Smoke by Aedfx
7 Dirtboxfunk by Drop Logik
8 Soarer by Nomak
9 Rising by Blazo
10 Mbira Spirit by Juj
11 Sacrificial by Shigeto
12 Claim Control by Professor Ojo
13 Clapstick by Teebs
14 Sea by Munno
15 I Go Sunshine by Dpek
16 Come Back (Open The Heart) by Fama Eightyseven