Oy74 – Внатуре Накурен
Wiseguys – Nil by mouth
Skittz, LONEgevity feat. Theon Lee – They Say (feat. Theon Lee)
Wiseguys – Trailblazing
Keizan – Mondo Parallelo (feat. Samsara, Shinezz, RibboRes, Koflah, Inda, Fax Klein & Jacques)
Skittz, LONEgevity feat. Gritts, Dominique Larue – Make It Happen (feat. Gritts)
Keizan – Stuttgart (feat. D2P)
Baby Chill – Duck Fly South
Wiseguys – The sound you hear
Mr. Lif, The Polish Ambassador & Ayla Nereo – The Caged Bird Sings
Castlebed – Automatic Words
Shabaam Sahdeeq – Let’s Move It
The Wiseguys – Search’s End
William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man