Thomax – I Am (BeKay)
Scoob Rock – One of those days
M. Skills – Rhythm
Karmawin – A New Start
Cookin Soul – Prodigy Tribute
Top Notch – Neva Have A Love Like This (Azaia Remix) (produced by Azaia)
Mo Brillaz – Goodbye winter (Spring Tapes)
Diamond D feat. Busta Rhymes – This One
Beat Gates – Runnin` From Myself
Son Of Sam – Come A Long Way (Extra P Remix Instrumental)
Naughty By Nature – Jamboree (I.N.I Remix)
Masta Ace Incorporated – Top Ten List
Top Notch – I Wreck It (produced by Venom)
Sound Providers – For Old Times Sake (Featuring Asheru Of Unspoken Heard)
Chairman Maf – SMiLES
The Unspoken Heard – Nigga Like Me
The Good People – Headphones
mike flips – dope sounds
Flying Fish – If I Could Fly (feat Elliot May & Ollie Teeba)
IG Off & Hazardous – In The Air
Gorillaz – Dirty Harry
Binary Star – New Hip Hop
Second Hand Audio feat. Too Many Ts – Want That
Dania Neko – Oveja Negra
Black Eyed Peas – All Around The World (feat.Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
Nujabes feat. Substantial, Pase Rock – Blessing It -remix (feat. Substantial & P
Freddie Joachim – Sauced
Mo Brillaz – Saloon cat (Spring Tapes)
Boogie Belgique – Smile