Old School Shows

Sugar Free Banana Split

Old School, Hip-hop, Soul, Neo Soul, Funk, Jazz, Groovy!!

Sugar Free Banana Split - RapTz.com


Hip-Hop, Underground, Boom Bap, Old School, Instrumental, Trip-hop & Breaks!!!

Aezakmi - RapTz.com

Ear Pollution

Old School, Broken Beats, Hip-Hop, MashUp !!!


Hip-hop, soul, reggae, jazz, Old School, funk, Broken Beats!!!

Cratez - RapTz.com

The M.F.S.B. Show

Old School, Classics, Pop, Dance, Rock, Funk, Soul!!!

The M.F.S.B. Show - RapTz.com

The PhD Experience

instrumental hip-hop, Beats, chill vibes, old school, RnB, future beats

The PhD Experience - RapTz.com

We Need More Crates Radio

Hip-hop, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Old School, funk, Punk... anything from the cratres!!!

Funky Corners

Old School, Underground, Classics, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazzy, Samples, Broken & Chunky Beats!!!

Funky Corners - raptz.com

Fresh & Soul Station

Hip-Hop, Funk, Rap, Soul, Reggae