Hip-Hop Shows

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The Turntables Show

Scratch, Beat juggling & Mixes: live DJ for live listeners!

The Turntables Show - RapTz.com


music is nothing less than the air in day to day life!


BLK S^TRN(black saturn)

Experimental Hiphop Industrial Noise. M.C.ing & Dub Poetry=BlackSaturn!

BLK S^TRN(black saturn) - RapTz.com

Watt’s Up

"Digger" invétéré de gros sons !!!

Watt's Up - RapTz.com

Toddy Digital Show

Always working on different projects to keep myself amused..!

Toddy Digital SHow - RapTz.com

Soupe Culture

Hip-hop Is The New Pop! Discussions, Interviews, & exploration !!!

Le Père Orbaz Show

Le Père Orbaz vous propose des mix à l'ancienne issus de l'agriculture biologique. !!!